Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Life Group @ Crossroads Jan 2018;)

 WOW!! It has been two years since I have written on my blog!!!! All is good...still living with mom,  still in my old bedroom with the pretty flowered wallpaper and my white Princess furniture. View of Pine trees. My daddy planted pine trees for each of us kids. My tree is right outside my window. It is the smallest tree. Phil's tree is the biggest by the road. He is my protector...Perry is next & then Paul's. Perry's tree has it's arms all around my tree. He has been my rock these past few years, Cant see Paul's tree from my window....he is sneaky, haha...I have to go out to see his tree which is closest  to me....he is always holding me up in prayer. People used to think we were twins. In our adult lives..Paul & his family & my family have done tons of fun things together when they lived in Colorado Springs. Lots of ski trips, Christmases,  Bronco games & in Redding boating & hiking with us. They live in California now,  so I see them from time to time, which has been nice. And we were all together with nieces & nephews & Grandma Helen...except my kids of course...on Christmas Eve...Schaefer tradition...lots of fun! More added now that 3 kids are married:)

So since I've been home, I have been attending Crossroads Church which is a few blocks from mom's house. I knew Pam growing up as her sister Susan Deegan was my best friend in my neighborhood and continued to be best friends our adult lives. Chuck went to our First Baptist Church on Main St when his grandma would drag him there! haha he mentioned something like that last Sunday Sermon. So I feel comfortable there...I LOVE the Worship time! I really need to go to a church body that loves the LORD and worships Him. Chuck wants us all to be connected to a life group; which is totally out of my comfort zone. Then all of last year 2017 I felt God prompting me to join one. So when we started to "Go Boldly!" we were challenged to do something to come out of our comfort zone and step forward...on this new year in 2018. So I finally submitted to God and put my slip in for a group to join. I put 55 and older mixed group. So I got a call from Dan & Erica whom are not in their fifties,,,to join their group. I know that was designed by God, that that is where He wants me. I knew something was going to happen there...and it has.....God is so good!  And they have all become friends in such a short time..so more on this later.....hopefully sooner than two years from now!!!;)

Oh we are in the book of Revelation for six months, half way through and in my life group we are studying it together. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

On Meeting Someone Organically;)

Ok so this is a term my daughter phrased when she first heard I was getting on the "dating sites".  She is so smart and absolutely correct as I've been on sites for over 4 years now off & on; and not a valid relationship has developed. ;)-....although I might say one of the men on CM almost broke my heart. That is perfectly  fine as I once prayed that I might have someone  break my heart & at least see what love feels like again....Rachelle is my hippie baby...she is sooo not judgmental. She has love in her heart for everyone...I wish I could be like her....so Phil & my sister in law Laurie met on EHarmony 6 years ago. Four years ago they made me join too. They had both been going to "Mariners" the church I introduced Phil to when I was in College back in my twenties. This church has grown to about 8,000 members. Well he was in Men's ministry & she was in Women's ministry & they had never met!...so the dating sites do work for many people...one thing about being on them is I learned how to communicate again, flirt again, and have friendships with the opposite sex...(oh what is that word? I cant remember it's been so long..hahah).  So one of my past school mates Robbie Verdusco, is now a UPS guy & he went into the Dental Office where I am working as a Receptionist until I go back to school next year. He told me that Kenny Ramirez is single & that I should go by & talk to him as he lives on the street above where Im currently living which is with my mom. They were both best friends with David Uribe who I dated in High School. So this past Sunday I stopped at his house  & we had a nice hour long chat to get re-aquanted & we decided to take in a Baseball game with Robbie & his wife. God is good! I love Baseball. And I love the Angels my first team, tho now my heart is with the Mariners ( I met Daniel Howe who played for them before he got hurt, his dad is in the hall of fame as one of the Best ball players ever. I called on a Denali that was for sale-it was his & the original owner was the owner of Firestone. On the test drive I told Daniel everything I know about Real Estate. He is now very successful in Beverly Hills as a Realtor).

Saturday, April 30, 2016

82 Cents

So yesterday I went down to .82 cents in my bank account.!!!! UGH!....I try...I really do....I got paid today so I survived yet my tire company called and weighed me down with a $67. payment...which they created as they gave me late fees because they raised the monthly payment from $25 to $35 without notifying me!!! They dropped one late fee yet kept one on. Well again it really was my fault yet I have my routines now..ie..going to my gym around 8pm & staying till 10pm, grab dinner at home & zzzz. All of my bills are tossed in a bag...aaaahhhh I pay my bills & tithe on the first. I usually know what I need to pay. I guess I have to get that darn bag out and read the million bills I have piled up!....Im not complaining....just havent made time to open them.

Tomorrow Im getting my tires rotated finally. I have Michilens  on the front & Good year on the back. Im supposed to have four of the same as I have an AWD, Nissan Juke (original model of first make-so I'll always keep my car as it will be a classic one day & they've already changed the body style). I've only had the front tires 7 months, yet Ive had the back tires for over two years and they have more tread than the front. I will be loyal to the co. that out performs the other. Looks like I'm going to be a good year gal;).

Im also going shopping with one of my best friends Julie...her son Bryce is marrying my niece Lara. So Im helping her pick out a mother of the bride dress. I already have tons of dresses so Im good-and Ive gotta keep mowing down my bills as I prayed over 5 years ago that I wanted to be out of debt before I got into a serious relationship. WOW dont pray things unless you mean it!!!!! I've been single now for 6 years...have not dated...have not been kissed properly....ack this is killing me!!! hahah so Im going to sell Mary Kay, Princess House & Pampered Chef as I like to cook. God has always provided for me. He is awesome & loving.!! Aren't we lucky? Im happy again and that is what matters. I have really great friends...Im just praying that I meet that really great guy. So here's my list that I have taped to the first page in my leather apple green Bible dated June 2012.

1) Loves the LORD with all of his heart, soul & mind.
2) Obeys God:
           a) Tithes
           b) Fellowships
           c) Honors parents
           d) Stays pure
3) Has a ministry=listens to God's calling.
4) Loves his children=spends time with them.
5) Chooses me as a priority; accepts me for who I am.

So that is only 5 topics....I just met a lady tonite that wrote down  10 things and promised God that she would wait until she met the man that had all ten qualities. She waited and He did bring her a godly Christian Husband. That was so encouraging to me. God brings amazing people into my life and Angels just when I seem to need them.



Job 36:4. "God is Mighty, yet despises no one; He is Mighty and firm in His purpose."

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Four Twenty Baby;)

My four twenty baby is my daughter Rachelle...she was born on Frank's graduation day from the CHP at 4:20,   I picked Dr. Bob because he had in big red letters in the phone book :"NO ABORTIONS",,,,,,he is an amazing dr. I had back labor all night then woke up thinking I might be in Labor....called his office...called Frank out of the academy and on our way to a baby...I wanted an epidural and my husband at the time wanted it all to be natural..I had told my friend Cindy..he doesn't love me! She said just wait till he sees you in pain he will want you to have one..I had the best Anesthesiologist in the State Of Calif because we had Rachelle at Sutter Memorial=across from Sutters fort in Sacramento and that hospital has the neonatal section where they fly all emergency babies into. Any way he had given a class and told all of  the ladies that it was like having  a Margarita and that sold me! And he said come on were not in the dark ages.....

My very best friend Susan Deegan had been in a car crash and died about 15 years ago. She is buried within 200 yards of my father. I sent 3 dozen long stemmed yellow roses in the shape of a heart. Her other two best girlfriends sent hearts & flowers too.  I spoke at her funeral and at the graveside service i looked down * I had a snag in my nylons....so I smiled Susan was saying dont be so serious. They allowed everyone to choose a flower to put on her casket...She had the most beautiful long stem red roses from her husband..probably 3,000 worth-I had worked in a flower shop in Bishop * I know the price of funeral flowers...many people chose the red roses yet my classmates all took a yellow rose from my gift and laid them on her casket...all of the flowers were gone except one yellow rose. Frank said Susan left that for you....well we walked over to my fathers grave and on it was his date of birth Oct 10-deceased Jan 8, 1971...which was 20 years and 2 days to the date of my sweet daughters birth. God really loves us...he replaces  sorrow with joy.\

Oh we had to fly back right after the funeral because we both had to work the next day....It was right after 9-11 in March. I was dressed in black heels & my classic black jacket and skirt...the airport chose to  search me....Frank had tears in his eyes when he told them to please not search me I had just come from my best friends funeral. They did say sorry sir yet they couldnt profile. I just said it was fine. I would strip search for the USA if I had to.

Susan was on her way from Phoenix to San Diego because her daughter Cari was giving birth. Her daughter Teal & her husband Jim * his son Jimmy were also in the car. Teal broke her leg & Jimmy is paralized from the waist down, yet he is a great kid..Teal and I are friends..I need to look up Alexis her grand daughter and Cari. I held Lexy at Susan's viewing..It was very Bitter Sweet. I promised Susan I would look after her daughters and grand daughter..I must believe God has brought me to Corona again for His purposes and that He has plans for me. One is I attend Cross Roads Church * Susans oldest sister who was like a sister to me..is married to  Pastor Chuck, They are estranged from the family....so somehow God wants to use me to bring them all together once again...wow God is amazing how He speaks to us....He often whispers my name.

A friend loves at all times.....Jesus

I Need Some Ice Cream!!!!!

ok....so I still can not sleep!!!!!!

I need some ice cream. Ice cream helps me sleep at night

I cant get up to get some because my mom * her husband are asleep. Everytime I get up at nite to grab a bite of something...they let me know in the am.  They say it kindly...worried because I need 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night or I can be ill again.  I have to watch it and I do take a sleeping pill every nite...but tonite the Tarazadone is not keeping me down....I tried Ambian once and I went streaking!!!hahaha that is another story. Its pretty funny...yet I wont tell all now it will spoil the plot.

Im in AA and this time around...Ive been sober for four and a half years- I crave sugar. Ive always been a sugar chick (my mom is a sugar chick too;) I have 3 older bros and when we traveled in our yellow station wagon on our summer vacations...I ordered watermelon for breakfast. My dad * mom were so cool. they let us kids eat what we wanted....I also amped up on Cactus Cooler the original Mt.Dew.hahaha

So this sweet little old lady in AA was worried about me because I stepped out of the program for a few months before I had my spiritual awakening...I said I was craving sugar and she said she has a little bowl everynite of ice cream. She has passed away now yet I often think of her when I get to have my softserve....BTW whats up Micky D? I loved my chocolate dipped cones..they were exactly 1/25....now they dont dip!!!!Ack I need my chocolate fix now and then.

So I got my love of icecream from my grandpa Ross. one year they had a tornado and grandma and all six kids got into the cellar. after the storm--the corn crops were all ruined.. Grandpa got everyone out and said :
"Let's Make Ice Cream" isnt that cool.  My grandpa made a board game with marbles and he would play the game with all of his grandchildren. He would play with me for hours..Im brilliant and love games I think they message my brain..hahah

It's 1am and I cant sleep!

!1am....that is correct;)-.     so today I had an awesome day! I went to open houses, to a yard sale-got some cool red boots * a cowgirl shirt and some things for a home that I might be in one day if that is God's will for me (it happened to be at one of my new friends house-she gave me everything for free, yet I gave her the 20 in my pocket.  Oh by the way...I love that song! I got 20 dollars in my pocket!  So then I went to a golf course and bought a cute golf outfit that was 75 percent off...God is so good to me that way. I over heard some men golfers say #Nude Women & Guns. I dont know what that was all about yet I said to them" Oh im mozing over here to say I heard you say Nude Women * Guns....you better watch out or you'll get a Trump reputation. Then I sauntered my way to the door. MEN! wow they can say * do the stupidest things sometimes.....ok now Im gettin tired. GN that's good night to my friends.

Oh I cant leave out that I went to the Norco Rodeo....and I ended up; swimming at my pool at my gym..Texted my friend Jonathon) the Christian young man who said...unfortunately you have to Wait Wait Wait......good advice:) with my movie plot for Stephen...said I want 100,000 for the plot and 10percent of the CD sales. I was prophesied over by my little old couple the Yorks and my African Friend James in the same month that I would be very wealthy one day and make more than my husband...I dont really care about that....yet I do really need money to pay all of my hospital * ambulance rides for the past two years and I need to pay the four years I owe in back taxes...And it would be nice to be able to move out of my old bedroom....one day....

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Swimming @ My Gym

Ok....that last blog was kinda serious....

So tonight I went swimming at my gym after work (God provided a job for me at a local Dentist within 10 miles from my mom's house). First I went into the Sauna & talked to a young man who is going to a local college...then I went into the hot tub and talked to another young man Yun..he is from Japan & is here on a Visa..going to school..he wants to be a pilot & he wants to be a US Citizen. He said the process can take up to Ten years..I have heard that before...He was very pleasant & he gave me advice about things to do & see in Japan..I would really love to do the Asian Hop. This is where you purchase one ticket and within a month you can go all over....you just have to wait for last minute empty seats on the airplane so you might get mixed up with your fellow traveler...catch up on the next flight etc...So I'll probably do that trip one day with my world wide traveler daughter Rachelle... She is just like me only better....we really enjoy each other..& I miss her terribly as she is still in Alaska. Her boyfriend Reine is an Inuit. I love him too, he treats her well & he really loves her.  He has never lived out of Fairbanks Alaska & this will be a barrier if he does not follow her when she gets the desire to add to her life adventure!.

Ok so then I went swimming & ended up talking to another young man who is in College & he is going to try out for a professional Soccer team in Mexico City at the end of May.  I really enjoy listening to people....hearing about their dreams & goals and encouraging them to follow them. And of course I tell them how God has a plan for them too.

I miss my peeps at my Kennedy Gym on the Central Coast. I miss my 6am classes & my 7pm Cynergy classes, my shakes the kids make for me...I always let them create something for me...Im too tired at night to make choices..haha....anyway then I end up swimming under the stars in an Olympic size pool & in the spa with very interesting people who are more of my age. Oh I always wear a T-shirt or cover-up, Im modest & Im not going to wear a bikini in front of a bunch of married men. Oh I pulled out the turquoise string bikini with the gold Polo emblems once & I was very skinny..too skinny that year...for the Presidents' son Stephen....ok so he had talked with me for about 3 weeks...then he went back to his girlfriend.....(the first time I met him & our friend Jay-73yrs....we started talking about Politics...OBTW..he hates politics..wonder why?;) so...I said I had been praying about if I should get back into it all & get involved with Republican Women...he asked me why wasn't I getting into it? I said" Oh because politics is like being in the Mafia...once you get in you cant get out!) so he just smiled &  got into the pool. Then Jay said"Do you know who that is?" I said no of course...and he said "That is Stephen Ford". hahaha...so typical of me! I can be very embarrassing or so my daughter says.....so he is still dating this young girl..and I keep asking Johnathon my friend..what is he doing anyway? Johnathon is  like..he is just having fun...so I really dont think he is the man for me..and he lives & eats & breaths horses..we've owned horses..Rachelle had Beauty & she and her Dad rode together..he had Anna..yet if anything I live, eat & breath fishing & water...anything around water & Im happy...and I think my friend Farrah would be perfect for him. She has never been married, is a Christian also...she looks like Farrah Fawcett..and I think he is probably used to movie stars...he produces movies in LA. Im pretty ...yet Im not gorgeous .., maybe I'll get a chance to introduce them one day.....

so why isnt anyone introducing me to their single friends? It has been 6 years & I have been praying that Im not on the 10 year plan like my oldest bro Phil was. Well I started praying that 4 years ago....so dear Lord...if you want me to be on the 10 year plan...that is just what I will do & in the in between time please use me as a single woman...in other peoples lives'

"Gracious  words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul & healing to the bones" Psalm 16;24,......

Oh I did have a very nice man on Christian Mingle say that "I must have been  Heaven Cent"...sweet..that made my day;)