Sunday, September 30, 2012

Almost Midnight....

So it's almost midnight and I....just decided to write a quick blog...

Rachelle is in Paris now. She is having a great time  with her new  friends.  I hope I get  to see her in a few months.  I prayed about a few things....1) That God would provide for me to be able to pay my taxes and fees own fault I didnt pay attention to it...:( and 2) That He would provide for me to go to Europe to see Rachelle in Paris.  Well God is so good! I just closed a huge escrow so all of my outstanding bills are paid!!!Yeah...I have two more escrows that are small yet when they close I will have the money to go to France....Pray without ceasing and with thanksgiving...what a weird combination yet that is how God wants us to do it....I've learned alot about trusting God and watching Him work in my life these past few years. Lots of answered prayers. Gotta pray tho first if you want answers.

Oh I did make the company production list a few months ago and I am the second to the last person. LOL well I was so excited I posted it on my desk with big red letters "I MADE THE LIST!" we still have about 300 people in our company and there are only 179 agents who have made a sale this year.  So with my sale I will move up a bit more than second to the bottom.....I shouldnt really care about this..yet I do..well for me it is good motivation...I think that is why the company even has a list and posts it.

I still love what I do and that is the most important part about your carear.

Lets see....oh this summer was awesome...Rachelle came to visit me from Alaska twice...first visit with her boyfriend Reine...and then she came back again by herself which was sweet because we got to have our "girltime".

Frank brought her down from Sacramento and we all went to Giuseppe's for my 49th Birthday.  It was nice because when we are all together its like we are a family again. Anyway no sparks for me or him Thank God...yet it was just nice because we all laugh together, feed each other, draw on the table (crayons on the paper table cloth cover) eat dessert and grown together about how  full we are.... it's still our favorite place and it was a great birthday night. We went to the hotsprings which is another favorite spot. The next day we went kayaking and dolphins swam around us it was amazing! Ive never had that happen in my life. Although at Carlsbad beach where our church families camped years ago alot of dolphins swam  close to us riding the waves.

Did I mention I love the beach? ;)

I worked today and then shopped with my one of my friends and we ate at Giuseppe's tonite.  Hey ...its the end of September...Well it is my favorite restaurant and really that is only the 6th time I think Ive had dinner there in the two years I've been back here and I/we used to go eat there almost every week. Blessings....

Joshua 21:45 "Not one of all the LORD's good promises to the house of Israel failed: every one was fulfilled"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

One year later!;)

Hey I just realized I haven't posted on my blog for a year!!!!! WOW...must have been busy...actually I was kinda busy.  I moved into my own little beach cottage with views of the ocean waves from bedroom and the pier etc from my living room. There are 9 units which are a mixed group of adapted cottages from the 40's. I love Vintage...The owner only rents to single professionals. My girlfreinds daughter said "Well what if you get married? Then you cant live here" I laughed and said "good question I guess I'll have to decide whether to keep my little beach cottage or the man!! For now it's the cottage;)

At Christmas you can see the lighted Christmas tree from the pier, so that was my Christmas of my friends said "Well you can brag that my tree reflects into the ocean, can your tree do that?" gift at Christmas was that my daughter came to visit me from Alaska..we spent a warm 80 degree weather week here in Pismo Beach...we also saw my to Christmas Eve service at Mariner's church in Newport Beach with a minute to we hit that _  _ _ _ traffic in L.A. (this is why I usually take the Amtrac to see my family + its cheaper)...Rachelle and I go to Disneyland on Christmas day which has been our tradition...I made reservations the first day you could make them-60 days ahead-for the Blue Bayou. We share a Monte Cristo (which by the way is not on the menu anymore-you have to ask for it). We laugh because it is so deep fried....did we eat that or rub it on our face? back hurts...this is from Jim Gaffagahn our favorite comedian....we always buy a princess crown and wear it all often gets us to the front of the line and we get called princess alot or just get wierd looks. Anyway its always fun. And of course gotta go on Tower of Terror as many times in row as our stomachs can take it! Hopefully before we eat the Monte Cristo...

Still working at Century 21 in Pismo Beach...still havent sold a home yet this year...wrote some offers that didnt get accepted and I have many buyers and sellers I am working with....I love what I its all good.  We have an office list that shows the agents production. Half of the company of 300 agents are not on the list yet this year, which of course includes me. In my office every agent has made the list..(even if they only made $1,000 in commission)...I'll be on it next the best for last right? And someone has to be last it may as well be me because I trust God to provide and He always does far more than we every ask for....He is so good!

Last March I went to see my daughter in Fairbanks Alaska where she is going to UAF. The weather was 7 degrees yet it was worth it to see my daughter. We stayed in her dorm. She has 3 other really great room-mates they are all on Volleyball scholarships. I also got to meet her boyfriend's mom and spend some more time getting to know Reine. Rachelle and I did see the Aurora Borealis one night. It was AWESOME!!The lights danced right above us with a blueish green tone. It was a moment.

Looking forward to the best that's yet to come this year.

"You are about to cross the Jordan to enter and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you. When you have taken it over and are living there, 32 be sure that you obey all the decrees and laws I am setting before you today." Deuteronomy 11:18


Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Lazy Day at the Beach I really wasnt so lazy.....I ran 2.5 miles at Pismo Beach today.  I am going to run in the community fun run on Saturday which is a 5k at the pier.  Anyone want to join me?  As I was running I came to the area on the beach where the small stream goes through to the ocean.  I was contemplating how to go across it and another runner (of course a very cute male) said " you just gotta go through it".  I thought about that,,sometimes we have things in our lives that we just cant figure out yet we've got to go through ..well I did and it was actually nice and cool and when I came back to cross it again I knew where my steps would take me.

Totally different train of I have my ugly flip flops on the patio so I can wear them when Im watering my plants.  I started noticing that one was I looked for it and couldnt find it..then about a week later I found it near the wild rose bushes..weird..then it was missing again..this time I found it under my rattan either I have a flip flop stalker or some strange little animal who thinks he really wants my shoe...then all of a sudden he stopped taking my shoe and I felt kinda sad like maybe a hawk got my shoe was missing again and I felt better..haha..anyway this time the little guy left me a stick under the shoe? Maybe its a little love gift..heaven knows I could use one!

Oh and I do have a field mouse I see once in awhile running across my patio!  At first I didnt know what it was..I thought all mice were cute and white and small...this thing is huge it looks like a mole although I think they stay in you think he is the one taking my shoe? LOL

So there is a new room-mate now.  Tom the kid moved out to live with his girlfriend in SLO.  I nicknamed him "The Kid" when I was explaining him to everyone about where I am living and who I am living with.  He was alot of fun. His laugh was hilarious (he's from Boston does that matter?) he loved hockey-so I watched a few hockey games on TV with him..  Sometimes I wanted to kill him though like the times he came home late, stomped around the kitchen banging pots and pans to cook because I had fried the microwave...another story....and most annoying were his stinky climbing shoes. OMG!  I had to deal with that years ago when another boy took his shoes off after football know who that is;)...the new room-mate is a lawyer..need I say more? No really he is a fun person..laughs alot.. is very kind...I dont know what they think of me except that I dont care what my hair looks like in the morning-sticking out all crazy...and I also laugh easy going..and of course they think I dont work...well my daughter Rachelle thinks that also.  She says "Mom your like retired..."haha well that is the illusion when you love what you do.

About real estate: on Saturdays I usually run on the beach, get my herba mate tea at Steaming Bean, the cafe in Shell Beach, and do an open house.  This Saturday I picked the ugliest overpriced house our company has listed in Shell Beach. I actually had alot of people in to see it and made about 4 potential contacts. You never know....

Oh Im not going to class reunion because Rachelle will be here, yet Im going to see my family in August. Im taking the Amtrac because have you seen my truck? Ya it would take alot of money to get down there and back.  Its nice to just veg and read a book, snooze, go by the nude beach (did I say that?) and not sit in traffic.  Hope your summer is going just as you planned with a little unexpected excitement...that is always a good thing in life.

"Love and Faithfulness meet together: Righteousness and Peace kiss each other" Psalm 85:10

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lazy Day at the Beach

Ok so I'm having another lazy day here at the beach (home).  It is weird starting over....I'm just kinda wingin it...I did join the nicer gym from fitness 19 yesterday and went to a cynergy class..Its like yoga only harder. I joined this gym so I could work out with weights and go to classes that I like...zumba etc

I am going to volunteer at the local Woods Humane Society where the animals get adopted..I really miss walking my husky Peyton everyday..she kept me centered..and walking a dog keeps your cholesterol down. Owning a cat keeps your blood pressure down if you hold it. I also miss kitty...Rachelle's crazy cat Leo...King Louie ran away the first day we moved to Redding..we did not find him until a year later...he had settled into the street above us..go figure..and he acted like a mayor going to one home to the other getting food at each home..I prayed to see him one last time before I moved and that day as I took my walk..I stopped to talk to my neighbor and King Louie was in his garage on the God is good! He cares about all of our little prayers as well as our bigger ones.

I was wondering what to do with my wedding dress after carrying it around for 20 years..I kept it for Rachelle's visit in May. We got it out, she tried it on and we laughed  about how poofy it was (ya know the 90's). I prayed about what to do with it. God answered the prayer when my African friend emailed me.  He said he found a good woman from his tribe to marry (he really actually said tribe:) and he wanted prayer for 3 things. 1) the wedding dress 2) the ring 3) me coming to Liberia to attend the wedding.  I was amazed and thankful that God would care so much about him and his bride to provide the first requests ( I got a silver ring for $10). I have no desire to go to Africa right now.  I did tell him God may provide a way and reason for me to go there one day...

So what else...oh I got my oil changed in my truck I was waiting I picked up the Men's Health magazine to see what guys are all into these days. Every other page was either an advertisement for a watch, stinky cologne, or alcohol..come on really? All of the articles were lame too...At least in women's magazines we dont have booze ads...that is just gross!  It didnt have anything to do with health by the walking your dog or holding your cat..Haha

Yes, I do actually work...I really love what I do, it doesnt seem like work..since I am building my business up after moving every two to four may take awhile before I have listings or sales...I usually run on the beach Saturday mornings and then I do an open house. And of course I go to the home tours and office meeting tours. The prices are continuing to drop which is good for the buyers. A home just went for sale across the street..the older man just bought it 8 months ago and decided to stay in LA...I met his son this morning as he was sitting on the outside steps of the home..He was upset with his dad for buying it in the first place and selling it so soon at a loss..I asked him if his dad needed the money and he said no. Then I said whats the problem he just changed his mind. Really I dont get these adult children.  Why do they care what their parents decide to do?  Are they waiting for them to drop off and get their money? People worry about so many things. Get a LIFE! mom can do whatever she wants to do with her home (the 1100 sq ft tract home where my 3 brothers and I grew up).  I dont want anything except maybe these cool soup bowls from the 60's that have a unique glaze (my bro Phil wants the retro black and steel coffee table shaped like a surf board, Perry wants the old slides of my dad and our family+the projector+screen..I dont think Paul wants anything...maybe his old hot wheels and baseball cards :)

Ok, so Im gonna get going..Have to buy soil to plant the lemon tree I bought at a local farmer's market. We are all so spoiled here on the Central Coast...we have fresh fruit (right now strawberries) and veggies..Oh yes I am going to the gym and my women's bible study at my girlfriends home tonite...and I actually do work (or play) tomorrow.

Life is good...

Romans 8:28 All things happen for good to those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter! Enjoy!

Everyone needs things in their lives to look forward to. I think that's why God gives us kids & grandkids (sports, birthdays, more grandkids etc....) Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding on Friday? Having any parties?  Well I figured out the day...I cant find the time because I dont understand the BBC time frames. I googled it and Im resorting to asking my mom...she still reads the paper. I do remember watching Princess Diana's (who's the guy she married? Thats ok no one remembers him anyway) wedding. I cant remember what time my mom and I watched it in the morning yet I dont think it was 3am like the PLT time whatever that means.

So lets see...ok Royal Wedding, Mothers Day, my daughter is visiting me from Alaska in May, I am going to a realtors staging course in Anaheim in May..Ok what for June? I dont know, yet in July there is my 30 year class reunion (already bought the hot dress..LOL). In August is my 48th birthday (August babies are the best!) Beyond that I'll have to wait and see...So all you sport lovers have the basketball games and playoffs (does basketball ever not have a seems like it goes on and on..its about as boring as a tennis match). Also Baseball season....and I do love baseball. I used to have my boyfriend take a mit to the Anaheim Angels games because I didnt want to get hit by the baseball...(thats in the A's not in the LA Angels...please...)

The HOA cut down the ornamental tree outside of my kitchen window yesterday! I loved seeing the little birds in the morning as they would sing to me when I was making my coffee. This is a result of getting the landscaping upgraded 4 years ago to Palm trees & tropical plants. It has been 4 years...what was up with that? I got home and yelled..JASON! (He works for the Contractor who built these homes)..Anyway no use, the tree is gone now and gotta have that million dollar view...but I loved my little birds...

So here are some things I've learned and do in my random acts of kindness:

A) When someone at the department store asks me if I would like to open an account I say "No thank you, yet thank you for asking me..(those poor kids probably get nasty negative looks and they are only doing their job)
B) I always sign my paycheck and then write Thank You on the front..I've learned this from a story about a professor who loved to teach so much..that when he passed away they found 5 years of uncashed checks in his desk.
C) When someone has a heart for hospitality and asks me if I would like something to eat, or share coffee etc I have learned to say yes..when you take the time to slow meet some very wonderful people. I was doing an open house in a 55+ mobile home park and this little old couple asked me if I wanted to see their home also as it was for sell. I said Yes..when I looked at their home they asked me if I wanted some coffe..I said we all sat down, shared stories..and they prayed for me.
D) I wave at everyone and say hi to everyone I pass...people are strange though about 3/4 are so untrusting they dont even say hi...interestingly all of the children wave, smile and say hi.
E) I open the door for people and if its a man I let him get the door (ok its old fashioned but I think they feel good) or if you are a the door!
F) If you see people on the beach using a metal detector...throw your loose change out there and when they come back they get so crazy friend and I used to do that at Avila Beach..

So here are my tips for the day...see ya next time. Have a blessed day & enjoy your families this Easter.

Galatians 5:22-23 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there in no law".

Friday, February 18, 2011

Raining in Shell Beach

Hi to all. It is raining here today, Friday.  I went kayaking by myself on Sunday and it was sunny and very warm. The ocean was very calm and I paddled up to two fat otters.  Next month the seals will have their pups.   It is very cool to see them in the wild.  The Bull Seals are wintering over near Hearst Castle at the beach. They already have their babies and the males fight like crazy to show their dominance. The monarch butterflies are about ready to leave for their next journey. These butterflies live the longest here in Pismo Beach. The other ones die along the way after they lay their eggs. It is a wonder of science how the monarchs know their path when they never make the entire journey.  Now youve had your nature lesson for the day:) You are welcome to visit and see what we have around here.  As some of you know we also have the hot springs (ok another nature lesson). Now you see why I love living here. I found my first boyfriend on facebook and told him how sweet, respectful and fun he was. He said I was his first love.  My first love was one of my camp counselors.  Valentines day: gave chocolates to the ladies at work, sent valentine cards to my girlfriends, got a sweet card from Phil & Laurie, and I ate lots of chocolate! Hope yours was filled with love too. Remember Love is a Verb.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

Although I dont really care about super bowl or who wins I do care if the score ends with 3-3 as Ive made a $5 bet with 100 other people. So at 1st and 3rd quarter? I will make $50, at half time $100 and at end of game $500. Go Penny!  Ive been hitting garage sales to buy cheap succulents for the two big empty pots on my patio. Wish someone had free potting soil. Have you seen the prices of this crap (literally)? Anyway this is a right brain activity which my new psychologist recommends everyone do to be healthy and balanced. Can you think of any right brain activities (anything creative)? I know two people who are extremely right brained (guess who*) Anyway Im supposed to get a coloring book and crayons and doodle( can I drool too?) I need a lot of practice with my right brain.  Had alot of couples in today to see this 55 and over community. I sold the first unit  to this complex. Teased to be  my boyfriend Ralph who actually fought in the battle of Iwa Jima sp? He wrote a short book "My life as a jarhead" He still lives here and the community gave him an 89th birthday party.  I have found world war 2 vets to be the most happy, appreciative & content people I have ever known. The women stepped up too and served as nurses and did mens jobs at home to keep the factories open. Did you know they rationed panty hose and sugar and lots of other things during the war? Love to all. Gotta go the game is about to begin! Oh did you guess who? Cathy Kuschell and Rachelle Parrish  go right brainers!